Developing a Master of Health Administration with a Concentration in Medical Logistics

An AHRMM Fellow white paper by Gregory Scott, PhD, MHA, CMRP, FAHRMM.

Health care administration programs have been created for training purposes for those wishing to purpose a business education with a focus on health care. The graduate collegiate level of training is generally considered the highest level of training. While there are several Master of Health Administration (MHA) programs throughout the United States, and some with a focus on logistics, there are no programs at the MHA level with a specific concentration for medical logistics.

This white paper outlines a full MHA program with a medical logistics concentration and provides insights for colleges, universities and agencies who desire a specific education program focused on health care administration and medical logistics management. The program highlights a 46 semester credit hours track that includes the core health care administration specific courses and a 13 semester credit hours concentration for medical logistics specific courses such as health care contracting, health care value analysis, health care procurement, health care logistics and biomedical repair management. The total credit hours for the MHA with a medical logistics concentration is 59 semester hours for degree completion. The estimated time requirement for a graduate student taking a fulltime load of 12 semester hours would be approximately 18 months.

Students who complete programs such as the proposed MHA with a concentration in healthcare/medical logistics would be better prepared to begin working in a health care organization in the field of medical logistics/medical supply chain management. Program directors, deans and other health care/education executives may use this white paper as a guide to consider and develop a new MHA track with a concentration in medical logistics within their own organization.


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