Newly Appointed Executive Director, Mike Schiller, with AHRMM 2024 Updates

An Update from Mike Schiller, AHRMM's New Executive Director

Join Mike Schiller, the new Executive Director of AHRMM, as he shares the latest updates and AHRMM's vision for the future of health care supply chain management. In this video, Mike discusses the organization’s strategic goals, upcoming events, and how AHRMM is poised to support its members in navigating the ever-evolving health care landscape. Stay informed and connected with AHRMM’s initiatives under Mike’s leadership. Don’t forget to subscribe for more updates!

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AHRMM of the American Hospital Association is the leading professional membership group for the health care supply chain. AHRMM provides its more than 3,400 members, and the greater health care supply chain, with the education, resources, leadership opportunities and advocacy needed to remain at the top of their field.

AHRMM is proudly advancing health care through supply chain excellence. Contact us at For more information about AHRMM, please visit