UDI Forum 2024
Virtual | On-Demand


Save the date for UDI Forum 2024. Learn how to get the full benefits of the unique device identifier (UDI). Get critical feedback and guidance from experts who have successfully implemented the UDI and discover the direct benefits the UDI can provide to your supply chain, to your workflows, and to the safety of your patients. Build connections by participating in this collaborative virtual program and find community with peers who are in the same stage of the implementation process.

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring the full value of the UDI to your organization. Let us be the guide for your UDI Roadmap!

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Earn Continuing Education Credits

By attending the UDI Forum, participants may earn AHRMM Continuing Education Credits (CEC) toward recertification of the Certified Materials & Resource Professional (CMRP) and AHRMM Fellow designations.

Why Unique Device Identification (UDI)?

  • Transactional efficiencies
  • Improved supply chain and clinical workflows
  • Improved inventory management
  • Track and respond to product recalls more efficiently
  • Improve accuracy and capture of utilization data
  • Patient safety benefits, risk management/prevention
  • Bottom line savings

Why UDI Forum?

  • Find commonality in data-sharing and learning
  • Build confidence in your adoption and utilization processes
  • Understand the variables necessary for successful implementation
  • Demonstrate enterprise ROI and the benefits of adopting the UDI
  • Stay updated on the future of FDA regulation and UDI innovations
Accelerating Health Equity Conference

What to Expect

This virtual forum powered by the UDI Learning Community (LUC) will feature six hours of content presented over 3 days. Participants will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the UDI and its direct benefits for health care organizations
  • Hear directly from experts who have successfully implemented and utilized the UDI in the health care supply chain
  • Build connections and find community with experienced leaders and peers on the same implementation journey
  • Learn how to partner with manufacturers, ERP and EHR vendors, data cleansing services and others involved in UDI implementation
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Learning UDI Community (LUC)

A broad-based coalition comprised of health care leaders across sectors whose goal is to develop a common understanding and approach to UDI adoption within the health care setting. Accelerating UDI adoption across the health care field is essential to meeting the call for Cost, Quality, and Outcomes, the Triple Aim, and evidence-based care. Access Resources »