UDI in Action – Using Adverse Events to Proactively Identify Risky Devices

UDI Forum 2023 Solutions Showcase

Madris Kinard, CEO of Device Events discusses how UDI in adverse event reports now allows us a path to identify and isolate devices of risk. Device Events software is used to view all 17.4 adverse event reports submitted to the FDA while simultaneously mapping timelines of the events to recalls and the UDI database. It allows for early detection of potential regulatory actions and is used by insurance company underwriters, health providers, financial services companies and government agencies.

In 2023, AHRMM’s UDI Forum hosted its first-ever Solutions Showcase event building upon the success of a similar learning lab session held during this year’s AHRMM23 UDI Track. Please note that AHRMM is not endorsing or promoting Device Events, rather our goal is to highlight solutions available that align with the LUC’s mission to address and accelerate UDI adoption across the health care field.

Device Events LLC is a Pennsylvania-based company that provides a cloud-based software service that extracts, consolidates and provides clear and comprehensive metrics and reports on the millions of complex medical device adverse event reports (MDRs) and recalls that have been filed with the FDA. Our service helps all organizations associated with healthcare by providing them with clear, comprehensive and cost-effective access to the most up-to-date information on problem medical devices.



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