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Contact Hours (CPEs)

Contact Hours are used for renewal of the CMRP credential. A Contact Hour is defined as 50 to 60 minutes of educational experience. To qualify for credit, all activities must be at least 30 minutes and must be reported in 30-minute increments.

To learn more about Contact Hours for CMRP certification, visit the AHA Certification Center.

AHRMM Programs

AHRMM offers a wide range of webinars, eLearning courses as well as a conference and other events throughout the year. Browse the Calendar to search our upcoming CPE programs and events.

As you participate in programs, you can track your progress using AHRMM's Contact Hour Tracking Report spreadsheet. Download the Contact & Tracking Report now

Chapter & Outside Programs

Local chapters and other outside organizations can offer Contact Hours through AHRMM for educational programs and courses. All programs must meet specific guidelines and must be pre-approved by AHRMM.