Election FAQs

Can anyone run for any open seat?
Eight board seats are allocated for the hospital provider community and two for the affiliate (GPOs/manufacturers/consultants/distributors) community.

What are the eligibility requirements for a Health Care Provider Advisory Board Member?
To be eligible for a Health Care Provider Board member position, an individual must be directly employed by a health care provider or be on active duty in the Military. The Military is comprised of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.

How long do I have to be an AHRMM member to run for a board seat?
New AHRMM members can be nominated to run for the board. One provider seat and one affiliate seat, when applicable, are available to new AHRMM members. A new member is defined as any member who has joined AHRMM within the past 12 months. The board will not exceed more than two board seats occupied by new AHRMM members per year.

If I complete the candidate paperwork and meet the qualifications to run for the AHRMM Advisory Board, will I automatically be included on the election ballot?
No. AHRMM limits candidates to three qualified candidates for each open board seat. All potential candidates that meet the qualifying criteria will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee, and if there are more than three health care provider candidates per open seat and more than three affiliate candidates per open seat, the Nominating Committee will review and place on the ballot three candidates per open seat - health care provider and affiliate - deemed most qualified and whose skills and experience most closely align with AHRMM’s needs at that time.

Who is on the Nominating Committee?
Information on the Nominating Committee, its members and its responsibilities, can be found here.

Besides serving on the national board, what other opportunities exist to serve AHRMM?
AHRMM members can volunteer to serve on committees, which are closely aligned with the AHRMM Strategy Map and help shape the organization. For members who have been active in their local chapter or are passionate about advancing the profession and like to “roll up their sleeves” and “dig into the details,” committees are a wonderful place to start. If you enjoy facilitating a group of volunteers, Committee Chair roles may be for you. Leaders who can motivate, coordinate, and execute committee agendas are critical to AHRMM’s success. Committees are where the important work of AHRMM gets done! The AHRMM Advisory Board sets the vision and strategic direction for the organization; committees execute the nuts and bolts work of the organization.